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Zhejiang LVBO Button Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Is the most professional Push Button manufacturer in the design, development, production, sales and service of button switches. Professionally create high-quality metal button switches, and strive to create the "LVBO" brand. Our push button switches are used for a variety of applications and include illuminated push buttons, key lock switches,signal lamps, pilot lamps, buzzers, selector switches, illuminated selector switches, emergency push buttons, illuminated emergency push buttons, and push button  accessories.

Our Advantage

No matter the series you choose, all of our switches offer advanced design, quick break contacts and high reliability. Furthermore, they have long lives, durable and easy to install. And we have obtained a number of certification certificates including CCC & CE,ROHS,ISO9001 and other certification.
We strongly believe the important of maintaining high quality in all our products. We have brought in advance quality tests as to ensure strict quality control before delivery.
We have the most advanced production process equipment,test equipment,electrical pulse,projector,slow-feeding NC wire-cut machine,high velocity ram machine,wire-electrode cutting,Injection moulding machine,CNC turning machine and so on.


Our Culture

Based on is the Corporate Values of “Integrity, innovation, absorption, collaboration”, we put customer needs first. Therefore, we will continue to pay attention to the changes in the market to understand the needs of customers so as to keep the company in the best state. With the expansion of the international market, we are determined to bring LVBO brand into the international market.





If you are interested in our products,please feel free to contact with us,we will try our best to meet your demand. If you have  requirements or question,welcome to "Send" us an e-mail Now!

Our Certificate

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