6mm Signal Lampmetal Indicator

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Important parameter:
Specifications Dimension Panel Cutout:Φ6mm
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:LBDQKJ
Protection Level:IP65
Material:Stainless steel/Brass nickel plated
Type:Equipment Indicator Lights(LED)
Terminal: Wires
Body: Nickel plated brass/Stainless steel
LED voltage:12v,24v,110v,220v

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You must have seen a lot of metal indicator lights in your life. The indicators we produce generally use LED lamp beads. This type of LED indicator is also the most popular in the market.metal indicators are generally from 8 mm to 22 mm, mainly to adapt to the aperture of most panel indicators on the market. For some special apertures, we can customize and produce a LED indicator suitable for you.Indicator voltage can be 3V6V 12V 24V110V 220V 380V etc.The indicator lights used on most devices are fixed on the panel of the device by nuts so that they can be installed on the device more firmly without displacement or falling from the outside.

The LED indicators we usually provide you are all PVC positive marking lines. The positive and negative poles are also distinguished by the color of the PVC line, which can make you install faster.. According to the different requirements of each customer, we can customize the length; there is also a pin connection method for the indicator light. This kind of indicator light does not have a PVC positive marking line. It uses brass pins, which are equivalent to a male end, and the interface on the device is equivalent to a female end. So that the LED indicator can be connected more quickly.
In the indicator light industry, we really have accumulated rich manufacturing experience in this industry, and have solved many problems, but we still can’t satisfy this. It’s our dream to develop more distinctive indicator lights. You can also consult us if you encounter indicator problems, and we are happy to use our capabilities to help you solve the indicator problems you encounter, and look forward to your consultation.

6mm Signal Lamp(Metal Indicator)Dimensions


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