After the 80 NPC delegates are also proposed Set the signal conversion button

In many people’s congress, several young people particularly evident after 80, Gregory house is a meantime. Was born in 1982, Gregory home, choose Qingdao city people’s congress four years ago, as a representative of the young, he would point value what doubt?

“Let’s some road traffic lights, no countdown, it is easy to form a traffic accident. Green light to become red, sometimes don’t even after this stage, the yellow light directly grow over.”

In addition, ge home into found that in some larger traffic intersection, pedestrians short passage of time, waiting for the red light time is longer, sometimes, many people can’t wait, just ran a red light, there are a lot of traffic. He thought, the setting of traffic lights can learn some good practices abroad.

Ge home to put forward the idea of, most of history in the day. After being elected to the National People’s Congress representative, he is particularly careful observation, not only to the people’s livelihood and social class reports is very slow, often through mobile phone, computer search. Last year, ge into contact with their company encountered in the development, put forward the claim.

As a representative of the young people’s congress (NPC), ge home into a thought, they pay more attention to new industries and new question, also can use some new preface to obtain more information.

Through participation in NPC, ge home into what I learned a lot from elders, vision is more open, consider the question also more mature.

Origin: Qingdao television network broadcast

Post time: Apr-17-2018