Common sense on button switches

1. button switches control each other: all the lights in the room can be controlled on each switch, and at most 27 switches on each switch.

2. it is obvious that all the lights in the room will be displayed on every switch.

3. a variety of manipulation: standard manual, infrared remote control, remote control, which can control the room’s lights in other rooms.

Example 1: before sleeping in the evening, it is found that the light of the child’s room is still on. You can immediately know which light is on in the child’s room clearly on the intelligent switch of your room. Then you can control it manually or remotely on the intelligent switch of your room.

Example 2: if the villa or the complex building users, because of the large housing, often return to their own room to rest, the sudden thought of other room lights did not turn off, intelligent switch will have a significant picture and foreign control will be a good solution to such problems.

4. standard control: it can directly turn on the lights connected to the standard switch.

For example, like the 3 switches of a common switch, it can be directly opened and closed by the lights 1, the lights 2, and the lights 3.

5. standard lock: we can prohibit all switches to operate the lights in our room.

For example, if you read in the study, do not want others to disturb, smart switch can lock your study’s lamp and let you feel comfortable reading.

6. button switch function: one button can close all the lights in the room or block the lights of any room.

For example: at night, ready to go out, like a common switch a room to turn off the lights trouble, with intelligent switch, walk to the door directly according to the full hub of 3 seconds can all close all the lights can be closed in each room alone.

7. power failure protection: all electric lights will be closed and voice prompts when calling.

For example, if there is a light on, suddenly blackout, and then the smart switch will automatically close all the lights, and have a call to remind, the ordinary switch can not reach such a function.

8. state indication: it can separate the state indicator light on the switch individually, and press any key to resume, without affecting other switch operation.

For example: the night living room lights are on, the other room lights are on, I sleep first, I don’t want to display on the panel in my own room, but I don’t want to turn off the lights in other rooms, when I just turn off the light on my own room panel.

9. automatic noctilucent: intelligent switch will turn on the humanized automatic night lighting when leaving the factory.

For example: when you go home at home in the evening, the smart switch panel will have a very humane light noctiluct that allows you to easily find the switch, unlike the ordinary switch to touch the location of the emotional switch.

10. infrared remote control: infrared remote control can be used to control all switches.

For example, when you lie in bed, you want to close the lights in your room, just like a closed TV, using remote control.

11. memory storage: built-in IIC memory, all set automatic memory.

12. quick setting: convenient and quick setting the names of all switches.

13. installation and convenience: installation size and wiring method are similar to ordinary switches, so we need to use two signal lines to connect switches.

14. the price of the button switch: the number of switches is much lower than the ordinary switch (a room is installed one), and can control each other without the ordinary double control installation method, so you can save a lot of ordinary switches and wires.

15. maintenance convenient: a switch fault will not affect the use of other switches, the user can directly replace the new smart switch installation, during maintenance, the use of ordinary switches can be used directly in the maintenance period, will not affect the normal lighting.

16. safety is good: switch panel is weak electric control system. No spark is produced when opening / closing lamps. When old people and children are using, the safety factor is very high.

17. product size: scale 86 installation size.

Post time: Mar-17-2018